About the Site

Disclaimer: This website is not affiliated with White Station High School in Memphis, Tennessee. Vendors, please contact the school directly instead of contacting the classmate who created the website. Thank you.

This website was created for the Class of 1970 at White Station High School in Memphis, Tennessee. The purpose of the website is to share news that is relevant to our class.

Over the years, we have had several class reunions. We celebrated milestone anniversaries of our graduation and we celebrated turning 60 together. We have shared joy as well as sadness over the years, having lost classmates who we lovingly remember as our friends.

Past Reunions: 1980 (Evan Murray's home; softball at St. Louis School), 1990 (The Peabody Hotel), 2000 (Leslie Ballin’s home; Jewish Community Center), 2010 (Leslie Ballin’s home; The Tower Room), 2012 Our 60th Birthday Party (Pickering Center), 2015 (Leslie Ballin’s home; Ridgeway Country Club) and 2022, our 50+2 Reunion (Memphis Children's Museum, WSHS Tour, and Guest House at Graceland).

We make an effort to keep in touch with one another, decade by decade. We are the Spartans from the Class of 1970 at White Station High School in Memphis, Tennessee. We do this together.


White Station High School

White Station High School Community Courtyard. SchoolSeed project.

Our Reunion Committee

Vanden Willey, Bob Plunk, Sharon (Pepper) Goldstein, Cindy (Anderson) McIntyre, Randy Stepherson, Barby (Fooks) Perlberg Watson, Beverly (Ball) Garrison, Gail (Sacks) Kirshner, Leslie Ballin, Stephanie (Solomons) Brannon, Jimmy Lewis, Steve Fergus, Tom Farrar, and Linda (Kantor) Goodwin-Parkinson